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5 star bullhorn

"Absolutely LOVE the descriptions [in this work]. The connection to chakras, along with the metaphorical richness … is wonderful. Very very very clever and, dare I say it?—unique. This is refreshing, funny, inventive, and delightful."

Sharon Whitehill, Ph.D.

“A special thanks for Libido Tsunami. You have such mature insights into your life. Your wisdom and knowledge awe me. Your honesty is amazing. The book reflects many years of endeavor, searching for your truth."

Pattie Crockett

“Her spine never touches the back of the chair. As she writes, holding her pen like a paintbrush, she allows her spectacles to slip down her nose, pauses reflects and resumes her work. She is compact in her stillness, her head tilted. A natural highlight of sunlight streaks her thatch of auburn hair as she lifts her teacup. She would appear never to have known a moment that was not entirely graced.”

Jacqueline Mitchard, bestselling author.
The Deep End of the Ocean
Two If By Sea
Twelve Times Blessed
A Theory of Relativity
No Time to Wave Goodbye

"I'm so excited about this new important work. Cate has found a unique, authentic voice and I want to hear more."

Lynn Andrews, author
Medicine Woman
Flight of the Seventh Moon
Jaguar Woman
Windhorse Woman