ALOHA LA’A KEA (Sacred Light of Love) – 2020 Savant Poetry Anthology

ALOHA LA’A KEA (Sacred Light of Love) – 2020 Savant Poetry Anthology (Savant 2020) is now available from Savant Books and Publications’ online Publisher’s Store or from Amazon. Normally, the work can also be purchased in person at Savant Bookstore Honolulu.

Press Release

ALOHA LA’A KEA (Sacred Light of Love) – 2020 Savant Poetry Anthology includes eighty-six outstanding poems by thirty-five notable native Hawaiian and religious poets. It features five recent poems by Kaethe Kauffman, who has won multiple first place writing awards in the national Lorin Tarr Gill Writing Competition, as well as the international Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, and Paris Book Festivals.

Kauffman’s poems in the collection include: Generous in Readiness, Superior Beings, The Blue Youth, Undressing, and Walk to the Beach.

A glimpse…

Generous in Readiness

– late life decision as older people become aware of death lurking. Excerpt:

My friends, Connie and Pat don't know each other.
Their laughter is feeble now,
But they are willing to giggle with me.
Both want to die quickly.

Superior Beings

– finding authentically good people.

The Blue Youth

– finding a way to deeply communicate with a heavy drinker. Excerpt:

I was one of a lineage of millions of daughters who had
Performed a vital rite of passage
To show a mother her daughter's spiritual essence."


– gaining enough confidence to allow myself to be seen by others. Excerpt:

Each decade, I undress a little at a time,
Removing more of my Invisibility Coat
Which has kept me warm most of my life,
Safe, dry and unseen.

Walk to the Beach

– finding urban detritus on the streets and seeing the sacred side of it.

Did you know?
For ENTWINED – 2019 Savant Poetry Anthology, Kaethe Kauffman and the other poets included became Amazon Genre Bestselling Poets. It all happened when the popular anthology obtained the status of Amazon Genre Bestseller.

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