PUA LA’A KEA (Sacred Light of Flower) – 2021 Savant Poetry Anthology

PUA LA’A KEA (Sacred Light of Flower) – 2021 Savant Poetry Anthology (Savant 2021) is now available from Savant Books and Publications’ online Publisher’s Store or from Amazon. Normally, the work can also be purchased in person at Savant Bookstore Honolulu.

Kaethe Kauffman has five poems included in the newly released poetry anthology Pua La’a Kea: Sacred Light of Flower, edited by Robert Uhlene Maikai, published by Savant Books and Publications. Kauffman’s poems include: The Primal Modern, Snake Lovers, Meditation, Hurtling and Dead Girls Float.


-explores neighborhood closeness while singing and dancing around a campfire.

Perhaps we looked like an African clan
Whose rhythmic movements held deep meaning.
Although we had no idea what our dancing meant,
A primal camaraderie
Lit us from within.


-reveal serpents as symbols of love, transformation and healing.

On a desert hike,
I discover
Two six-foot long serpents
Together in a dry stream bed,
Wound around each other,
Resembling the medical staff carried by Hermes.


-shows how meditation helps calm a mind filled with negative name-calling.

My meditation teachers say it's good
To observe my thoughts,
But when I silently listen,
My mind produces
Cruel accusations,
Vampire voices,
Internal scolding...


-explains how active outer activities can transform into meaningful inner work.

I haven't lost spirit,
I've found new rambunctious joys.


-demonstrates that I knew how to take better care of myself at age nine than as an adult.

One day, aged nine,
Swimming alone as usual,
I decided to breast stroke across the 
Neighborhood lake,
About one-half mile.

Pua La’a Kea is available from SavantBooksAndPublications.com and Amazon.com.

Previous Savant poetry anthologies that featured Kauffman have won prestigious awards in the London Book Festival, Paris Book Festival, Los Angeles Book Festival and the Pacific Rim Book Festival.

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